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Est. 1982
Q. Is The Advertiser Online just starting out in business?
A. No; we've been in IT related business since 1982.

Q. What is included in the package price?
A. Everything that you need to get your new Website up and running. Our Total Business Solution package costs £399 + vat and consists of:

Website Design (Unlimited pages)*
Web Address (Subject to availability)
Genuine Email Accounts  - (Unlimited)*
An Interactive Page that you can update - As required
Photo Gallery - As required
Video - As required
Slideshow - As required
Feedback Forms - As required

and if you don't need all of these features the price can drop as low as £199 inc vat.

*Unlimited in this instance refers to the number of pages and email addresses that you feel that you would sensibly require to complete your Website

Q. Yes, but then you charge me for extras to bump up the price!
A. We certainly don't! The only time that we would need to discuss additional charges is if you asked for a feature that was totally unique and required additional programming costs – or if you wanted to add E Commerce (selling online) to your Website.

Q. How long does it take to produce my new Website?
A. For a Website without E Commerce it normally takes around 10 – 14 days.

Q. Do I own the Domain name that you register?
A. Yes; your name appears as Registered Owner and The Advertiser Online as Administrator.

Q. What are the ongoing running costs?
A. We ask you to take out a Monthly Support Agreement (MSA) starting from £9.99* inc vat per calendar month – payable by Standing Order. Your MSA covers all aspects of the running and upkeep of your Website and includes:

All yearly renewal costs of your Domain name and Email Accounts.
Hosting of your Website.

In other words, for as little as £9.99* per calendar month you will never receive another invoice for the running of your Website again. No restrictive contract. Walk away at any point and owe nothing.

*Some complex Websites that require constant and repetitive changes or additions will be asked to pay a higher price.

Q. Can I see an example of how my new Website will look before I decide to buy?
A. Yes, you can! The most important page of any Website is the Home Page. We will design for you, based on information and photographs that you supply, a proof of your Home Page for you to see. From your feedback we will make any and all changes that you require in order to produce a finished page that you are completely happy with. At that point you can decide if you wish to go ahead with your new Website..... if you decide not to, you owe us nothing.

Q. So, I send my information to you and I go on to the Web and grab some pics that I want to use?
A. NO! Please don't use any images that do not belong to you or images that you do not have written permission to use. There are some very heavy fines being enforced for copyright infringement on the Internet! The Advertiser Online will also use and give you the choice of licensed Stock images for your Website; these are included in the package price.

Q. What are your Trading Terms?
A. Once you have decided to go ahead with your new Website we would ask for a deposit of 1/3 of the total cost, the balance being payable upon completion and prior to launch.

Q. How can I get my Website to appear at the top of the page in the Search Engines?
A. The ranking of a Website is dependent upon many factors. There are specialist companies who do nothing else other than promote a customer's Website (Search Engine Optimization) in all major search engines. This service can cost anywhere from £30 to £600 per month.

When your new Website is launched, The Advertiser Online will make a standard submission to Google to allow for your Website to be found.

So, if your Domain name is by typing in to Google “the perfect gift choice” we would expect your Website to appear. However, if you sell (say) a body lotion in your shop, typing in “body lotion” to Google will produce millions of hits and you could be on any of the pages.

It is this “narrowing” of search options that you pay for.

However; SEO – Search Engine Optimization – is not the be-all-and-end-all of a new Website! We recommend that you don't allow yourself to narrow your focus and to chase this (often unobtainable) top ranking position in Google. You can spend a great deal of money doing so and be disappointed by the results.

Stop for a minute and consider other options.

What would you be doing to promote your new business if you had opened a bricks and mortar office / shop?

You would be advertising in newspapers and Trade magazines.
You would be sending out letters / flyers to let people know that you were there.
You'd be sending out emails to let people know that you were there.
Your vehicle would be sign written.
You'd be knocking on doors and introducing yourself and your services.
You would be asking your local library, corner shop, newsagent and Citizens Advice Bureau and anyone else you could think of to put up posters.

All of the above apply equally to an online business or service; there are no “quick fixes” and an online business needs to be built up in exactly this way.

Q. You haven't answered my question here ….
A: Then do call on 07951 225 057 – help and advice is always free!